Progressive Comfort has been a work in progress for far too long.  Originally started in the winter of 2012, it was put aside for years before I decided to reexamine it in 2015.  Even since then it has gone through revisions in 2018, 2019 and now again in 2020.  It could be tweaked in small ways forever and each year could result in the addition of more pictures and anecdotes.  Truly though, this is not a book about specific dishes but a story of a young cook finding his footing.  Progressive Comfort is an open and honest conversation between the reader and myself: a road map of sorts for aspiring cooks.  It is simply my responsibility to try and share my experiences and lessons with the next generation.  Because of this, I have made Progressive Comfort free by ebook here, or if you prefer a hard copy for your bookshelf you can purchase a paperback or hardcover here.

Use Apple?  Download free on the Apple ibook store here.