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"With Schutte's menu, however, a fun-loving and bold side of the restaurant is exposed."

-Melody Baetens


"Chef Kyle Schutte is a daring chef who applies science and technology to the culinary arts to create brilliant experiences"

-David Jenison


"This creative idea epitomizes the maverick streak that makes Schutte one of the most daring chefs in the country."

-David Jenison


not your typical barbecue

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"54 Twenty is changing the way we think of a slice of Americana that is going by the wayside, revitalizing and taking the cuisine to the next plateau"

-Valentino Herrera

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"Yes, chef Kyle Schutte has guts. He also has talent."

-Lesley Bargar Suter

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"Chef Kyle Schutte trained under the reality-TV authority of molecular gastronomy himself, "Top Chef's" Richard Blais, so, yeah, he can deconstruct and reconstruct your caprese salad all day."

-Lien Ta

The best things we ate in and around Detroit this year.

-Tom Perkins & Jane Slaughter

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"the dishes at Besa are micro masterpieces."

-Lyndsay Green

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""That enthusiasm for good quality translates to his food at The FLATS."

-Kristie Hang


"you are sure to experience delicious food that takes you outside of your comfort zone. We can’t wait to see what Kyle Schutte does next"

-Chloe Palka

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Best Restaurant In Hollywood List (54 Twenty)

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"Chef Kyle Schutte cooks up dishes straight out of an LSD trip.

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"It’s like he creates food that’s meant to take your taste buds on a wild, off-the-beaten-track, windy, twist-and-turn, never-know what’s-around-the-next-bend, adventurous ride."

-Amber Wilson

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"Schutte mostly succeeds, and because of that Besa is quietly one of Detroit's best new restaurants."

-Tom Perkins


"With house-cured meats, dynamite cocktails and pizza flavors you’ve never thought of trying he is setting the bar for what a flatbread pizza is at the highest level."

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"His latest rebellion is a new charcuterie program, which includes items such as Spam terrine, candied and burnt fennel finnochiona, and root beer–cured guanciale."

-Besha Rodell

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Ice Cream Is the Only Thing on the Menu at This Fancy Eight-Course Dinner

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LA's Best New Restaurant List 2012 (54 Twenty)

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Back to the Future:
Rethinking the diner in Hollywood

"54Twenty’s playful spirit and fundamental flattop skills make this clash of cultures compelling."


"Schutte appears to be sticking to his identity and wants to show L.A. he's more than just a guy with "a bag of tricks," but a chef who knows how to utilize his style for maximum flavor and textural effect."

-Hadley Tomicki


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"... And newcomer Kyle Schutte (pictured) is a molecular-loving upstart from Atlanta out to prove his West Coast chops at the just-opened Vu in Marina del Rey."