In addition to making your restaurant's food shine, we specializes in customizing and implementing systems and structures to streamline your kitchen's efficiency, control your inventory, stabilize your restaurant's food cost and maximize the percentage of sales to your bottom line.  While Chef Kyle has made a name for himself using modern cooking techniques, we use many of the same tools to improve the efficiency of your restaurant while lowering it's dependence on highly skilled labor.  By evaluating your facility, current structure and operational goals we will create a comprehensive plan to get your kitchen back on track.  

Pre-Opening Consulting services include but are not limited to:

  • Concept Development.

  • Menu Development.

  • Pre-hiring Rerouting & Staffing.

  • Financial Forecasting - Including potential sales, labor expenses, food cost expenses and general P&L. 

Existing Restaurant Consulting services include but are not limited to:

  • Menu Revisions - From small tweaks to total overhauls nothing is too big or small.

  • Analysis of Facility and equipment - Given your goals, an analysis will be submitted with suggestions for menu, equipment and facility modifications.

  • Evaluation of Staff - A thorough evaluation of staff and suggestions to maximize the kitchen's potential from personnel to scheduling.

  • Inventory Controls - Ordering sheets and inventory pars to ensure nothing is going to waste.

  • Food Cost Analysis - Invoice and inventory controls are put in place to track expenses, sales and food cost percentage.

  • Recipe Books - Recipe books will be generated to ensure consistent quality of products.

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